Marc-Eduard Ihle

Marc Ihle is an architectural educator, researcher and designer. Born in Barcelona Spain in 1981, he graduated after abroad studies of architecture at the University of Texas at Arlingtion in the USA (Prof. John P. Maruszczak) and at the University of Sevilla in Spain, with distinction under the supervision of Prof. Kathrin Aste from the University of Innsbruck in Austria in 2012.

He currently is employed as assistant prof. at the institute of experimental architecture and building construction at the University of Innsbruck, he has tought architectural-design-studio and digital fabrication in both bachelor- and master-classes. He further is conducting his own research and listed as doctoral candidate under the supervision of Prof. Marjan Colletti. Prior to his current position, he has further tought at the University of Liechtenstein and the University of fine arts in Vienna with Prof. Kathrin Aste.

He has gained practical experience in the field of architecture, by priorly working as an intern in international design offices in India, USA and Brazil, and more recently working as a Project Architect from 2009 until 2015 at LAAC-Architects in Innsbruck. He has been involved in all project stages, reaching from competition, preliminary designs, planning and construction, as well as a key member of research projects, dealing with sustainable designs for alpine infrastructures.

His field of interest and research in architecture is focusing on ways to implement Geo Information Systems (GIS) and terrain analysis in design processes, working across disciplines with the intent to find more vernacular and locally related design solutions for extream alpine and arcitc spaces.