is a Platform to display digital, artistic and architectural imagery, models and ideas inspired by topographical diversity natural behaviour and form.


Digital-Landscapes further displays selected Products of digital Fabrication and accomplished Academic Student-Work of different Design Courses at different Academic Institutions, taught and/or assisted by Marc Ihle.

The valley of Alpbach | 3d Print in white PLA | Resarch Project at the Institute of Experimental Architecture | Funded by TVB Alpbach | Projectleader: Marc Ihle | 2016 | – © University of Innsbruck | Austria2018-02-25-Frozen-Coastline-ihle-DJI_0130_sq_1920_lTerrain Design Information Model for Festvaag | Extrapolating Morphometric Identity | Marc Ihle | 2019



Geo Morphometric Features | Lofoten, Norway | 10-2018 | Foto: Marc Ihle


Students: Melchiori Luca & Mellin Christopher



digital interpretation of high alpine terrain through the use of GIS data-sets2018-05-16 Menghin Melanie_Wolf Maja-06 xgen mapping 50x50_cut_lighter


Cartography Lofoten | Area 60x40 km | Adding Terrain Attributes | Data: | Editing and Mapping: Marc Ihle


Visualizing Terrain Attributes of




Abstracted Digital Landscape | Marc Ihle