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[Workflow for basic terrain-analysis in Saga GIS]

01. download Tile (DEM file as gird) on:
02. go to downloads >>> unzip the folder to Your GIS-Database-Folder

03. open SAGA-GIS
04. go to Tools tab >>> Import/Export – GDAL/OGR
WF-GIS-SC-2017-10-25 10_54_09-SAGA05. Import/Export – GDAL/OGR >>> browse file >>> select .sdat – file in Database-folderWF-GIS-SC-2017-10-25 10_54_16-SAGA
WF-GIS-SC-2017-10-25 10_54_23-GDAL_ Import RasterWF-GIS-SC-2017-10-25 10_54_27-GDAL_ Import RasterWF-GIS-SC-2017-10-25 10_56_10-Open06. switch to Data-tab >>> right click on image >>> “Add to Map”WF-GIS-SC-2017-10-25 10_56_30-SAGA07. switch back to Tools-tab >>> dobble click on Basic Terrain Analysis under the Terrain Analysis – Compound Analysis tabWF-GIS-SC-2017-10-25 10_56_52-SAGA07. select Grid system and Elevation (Input) > create maps (Output) > click OKWF-GIS-SC-2017-10-25 10_57_02-Basic Terrain AnalysisWF-GIS-SC-2017-10-25 10_57_09-Basic Terrain Analysis08. switch back to Data tab >>> right click on images and >>> add to map | or >>> save image to a specific folder location as .png (incl. georeference)WF-GIS-SC-2017-10-25 11_00_00-SAGAWF-GIS-SC-2017-10-25 11_00_11-SAGAWF-GIS-SC-2017-10-25 11_00_20-SAGAWF-GIS-SC-2017-10-25 11_00_43-Save As ImageWF-GIS-SC-2017-10-25 11_00_47-Save Grid as Image...WF-GIS-SC-2017-10-25 11_01_26-SAGA

software: opensource GIS: © Saga-GIS
dataset: ©

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