Water- flow and accumulation | image: marc ihle

Digital Landscapes Course


Video Tutorials for the Course LAN-3072, UiT


Modify a DTM / using docofossor (long version)

How to modify a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) using Grasshopper and the docofossor plug-in – importing a grid.asc file into grasshopper / using relative and absolute operations / exporting a raster/gird as .asc file from grasshopper

speaker: marc ihle | length: 56 min
link to pdf – documentation docofossor

Modify a DTM / using docofossor (short version)

How to modify a digital terrain model (DTM) using Grasshopper and the docofossor plug-in – importing a grid.asc file into grasshopper / using relative and absolute operations / exporting a raster/gird as .asc file from grasshopper

speaker: marc ihle | length: 14 min
download gh-file

Resample a Grid

How to resample a raster/gird in SagaGIS | for example: making a 1m grid out of a 0.25m grid

speaker: marc ihle | length: 2 min

TIF to ASC format

How to export an.ASC-file using Saga GIS and QGIS

speaker: marc ihle | length: 5 min

Modify a DTM / using the image sampler [v2]

How to use the image sampler component in Grasshopper to create and modify a DTM (Digital Terrain Model) | this is an extension to the image sampler tutorial in Session 03/04

speaker: marc ihle | length: 13 min
download gh-file


Water flow simulation

How to run a basic water flow simulation in Grasshopper using the anemone plug-in

speaker: marc ihle | length: 23 min
download gh-file

Image Sampler [v1]

How to use the Image Sampler Component to sample raster values – using RGB and BW images to sample elevational values or other terrain attributes in Grasshopper

speaker: marc ihle | length: 42 min
download gh-file

Read a text file

Using grasshopper to read a comma-separated list of values | using grasshopper to visualize point observations/attributes

speaker: marc ihle | length: 33 min
download gh-file

Write a text file

How to export a text file from Grasshopper using stream contents exporting XYZ coordinates and other attributes from Grasshopper to a comma-separated text file

speaker: marc ihle | length: 33 min
download gh-file


01 – LiDaR – point cloud processing

How to use SagaGIS for basic LiDaR data processing importing LiDAR data downloaded from hoydedata.no as .laz files to SagaGIS / Using SagaGIS for basic processing of point clouds / merge & clip / using SagaGIS to add grid values of a raster image (orthoimage – RGB) as additional attributes of the point cloud / Exporting data as a .txt file / importing data to Excel / Workshop held by Volker Wichmann at the UiT / summary recording, marc ihle

speaker: marc ihle | length: 16 min

02 – LiDaR – point cloud processing

How to process point clouds in SagaGIS to a DSM / DTM / nDSM – .using SagaGIS to extract a subset of classified points of a point cloud / using point clouds to grid/using spline interpolation to fill missing grid values of the DTM – using a multi-directional filter for smoothing pre-processed results of the DTM / using close gaps to fill grid values in the DSM / Using difference grid to calculate a nDSM / Workshop held by Volker Wichmann at the UiT / summary recording, marc ihle

speaker: marc ihle | length: 30 min

01 – Hoydedata.no / online resources

How to download elevational data from hoydedata.no looking at available data sets on hoydedata.no – LAZ-files – DTM+DOM / viewing LAZ files online / speaker: marc ihle

speaker: marc ihle | length: 14 min

02 – merge & cut raster data / QGIS

How to use Qgis to reference / merge & cut raster data – merging and clipping elevational raster DTM/DOM downloaded from hoydedata.no / creating new shp-layers -> a point of interest / an area of interest / speaker: marc ihle

speaker: marc ihle | length: 20 min

03 – Basic Terrain Analysis in Saga GIS

How to use SagaGIS to run a basic terrain analysis – Using SagaGIS to calculate different terrain attributes of the DTM / exporting values as .txt-file or as a gird-file(geoTIFF) from SagaGIS / importing txt files in QGIS / visualizing attributes in QGIS / speaker: marc ihle

speaker: marc ihle | length: 34 min


01 – Create a Section through raster data

How to use QGIS and the profile section tool to extract attributes along a section line importing raster data to QQIS / drawing a section line as shp-layer in QGIS. Use the profile-tool-plug-in in QGIS to sample raster data values along that section line / how to export values as a list to create a database of attributes in Excel.

speaker: marc ihle | length: 17 min

02 – Excel as IO between GIS & Grasshopper

How to read an EXCEL file with attributes in Rhino/Grasshopper import data from Excel to Grasshopper and draw/visualize data in Rhino/Grasshopper

speaker: marc ihle | length: 33 min

03 – Visualize data in Grasshopper

How to use Grasshopper to visualize data draw/visualize data from an excel document in Rhino/Grasshopper

speaker: marc ihle | length: 29 min

Links / Info

data used / online resources

Geo NorgeKartverkethttps://www.geonorge.no/open public geodata protal
HøydedataKartverkethttps://hoydedata.no/LaserInnsyn2/hopen public geodata protal
DybdedataKartverkethttps://dybdedata.kartverket.no/DybdedataInnsyn/open public geodata protal
Weather file sourcesLadybug Toolshttps://www.ladybug.tools/epwmap/free global weather files

CAD [Software/plug-ins]

Rhino 7McNeelhttps://www.rhino3d.com/download/90 day trial
GH – AnemoneMateusz Zwierzyckihttps://www.food4rhino.com/en/app/anemonefree plug-in for Grasshopper / loops
GH – Ladybug Tools (Ladybug, Honeybee, Butterfly)Ladybug Toolshttps://www.food4rhino.com/en/app/ladybug-toolsfree plug-in for Grasshopper / environmental analysis
GH – Swift CFDmarkphttps://www.food4rhino.com/en/app/swiftfree plug-in for Grasshopper / CFD
GH – MeshEditUTOhttps://www.food4rhino.com/en/app/mesheditfree plug-in for Grasshopper / Mesh editing
GH – DTMFlorian Frankhttps://www.food4rhino.com/en/app/dtm-digital-terrain-meshfree plug-in for Grasshopper / importing an .asc file
GH – DocofossorMathias Bernhard & Ilmar Hurkxkens, ETH Zurichhttps://www.food4rhino.com/en/app/docofossorfree plug-in for Grasshopper / import .asc and modify terrain
GH – BisonBisonlahttps://www.food4rhino.com/en/app/bisonfree plug-in for Grasshopper / import tif / modify terrain
GH – TT TOOLBOXCORE studiohttps://www.food4rhino.com/en/app/tt-toolboxfree plug-in for Grasshopper / diverse
GH – LunchboxNathan Millerhttps://www.food4rhino.com/en/app/lunchboxfree plug-in for Grasshopper / diverse
GH – Mesh+David Manshttps://www.food4rhino.com/en/app/meshfree plug-in for Grasshopper / mesh editing
GH – BumblebeeDavid Manshttps://www.food4rhino.com/en/app/bumblebeefree plug-in for Grasshopper / Excel-IO
GH/Rhino – V-RAYChaos Grouphttps://www.food4rhino.com/en/app/v-ray-rhinoPlug-in for Grasshopper / Rendering / Rhino > license needed

GIS [Software/plug-ins]

QGISvarious / open sourcehttps://qgis.org/en/site/open source
FLO-2DFLO-2DQGIS>plug-ins>>>installplug-in QGIS
GPS-Toolscore-plug-inQGIS>plug-ins>>>installplug-in QGIS
LAStoolsVictor Olaya, Martin IsenburgQGIS>plug-ins>>>installplug-in QGIS
Point sampling toolBorys JurgielQGIS>plug-ins>>>installplug-in QGIS
Smart-MapGustavo Willam Pereira (IFSUDESTE-MG);Domingos Sárvio Magalhães Valente (UFV);Daniel Marçal de Queiroz (UFV);André Luiz de Freitas Coelho (UFV);Sandro Manuel Carmelino Hurtado (UFU)QGIS>plug-ins>>>installplug-in QGIS / experimental
CrayfishLutra ConsultingQGIS>plug-ins>>>installPlug-in QGIS
SAGA GISConrad, O., Bechtel, B., Bock, M., Dietrich, H., Fischer, E., Gerlitz, L., Wehberg, J., Wichmann, V., and Boehner, J.https://sourceforge.net/projects/saga-gis/open source software

SOSI converter [Software/package C++]

SOSI-converterEspen Andersenhttps://sosicon.espenandersen.no/download/free
SOSI-converter windows 64bithttps://github.com/espena/sosicon/blob/master/bin/gui/win/x64/sosicon_v1.0_gui_setup_x64.exe?raw=truefree
Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784free
SOSI-converter IOShttps://github.com/espena/sosicon/blob/master/bin/cmd/osx/sosicon?raw=truefree

other programs [Software/plug-ins]

cloud-compareDaniel Girardeau-Montauthttps://www.danielgm.net/cc/free
Pix4D-MapperPIX4Dhttps://www.pix4d.com/product/pix4dmapper-photogrammetry-softwareAccess through UiT > see lecture from Kåre
LASziprapidlasso GmbHhttps://laszip.org/free
LAStoolsrapidlasso GmbHhttp://lastools.org/free
blueCFD-Core 2017-2FSD blueCAPE Ldahttp://bluecfd.github.io/Core/Downloads/#bluecfd-core-2017-2free

drone apps

DJI-GO 4DJIhttps://www.dji.com/no/downloads/djiapp/dji-go-4free
DronelinkDronelinkhttps://www.dronelink.com/license needed
Pix4D capturePix4Dhttps://www.pix4d.com/product/pix4dcapturefree