Digital Landscapes Course

QGIS – Video Tutorials for the Course LAN-3072, UiT

GIS to CAD convert TIF to ASC Format / Reading ASC-files in Grasshopper / Using the image sampler to modify terrain conditions

CRS (Coordinate Reference System) & reprojection of data in QGIS

Clipping Vector Data in QGIS

Using the Layout Manager / Map Composer in QGIS

SAGA GIS – Video Tutorials for the Course LAN-3072, UiT

Using SAGAGIS – Basic Terrain Analysis

data used / sources

CAD [Software/plug-ins]

Rhino 7Mcneel day trial
MESHEDITUTO plug-in for Grasshopper
DTMFlorian Frank plug-in for Grasshopper
DOCOFOSSORdocofossor plug-in for Grasshopper
BISONbisonla plug-in for Grasshopper
TT TOOLBOXCORE studio plug-in for Grasshopper
MESH+David Mans plug-in for Grasshopper
V-RAY FOR RHINOChaos Group for Grasshopper / Rhino > liscence needed

GIS [Software/plug-ins]

QGISvarious / open source source
FLO-2DFLO-2DQGIS>plug-ins>>>installplug-in QGIS
GPS-Toolscore-plug-inQGIS>plug-ins>>>installplug-in QGIS
LAStoolsVictor Olaya, Martin IsenburgQGIS>plug-ins>>>installplug-in QGIS
Point sampling toolBorys JurgielQGIS>plug-ins>>>installplug-in QGIS
Smart-MapGustavo Willam Pereira (IFSUDESTE-MG);Domingos Sárvio Magalhães Valente (UFV);Daniel Marçal de Queiroz (UFV);André Luiz de Freitas Coelho (UFV);Sandro Manuel Carmelino Hurtado (UFU)QGIS>plug-ins>>>installplug-in QGIS / experimental
CrayfishLutra ConsultingQGIS>plug-ins>>>installPlug-in QGIS
SAGA GISConrad, O., Bechtel, B., Bock, M., Dietrich, H., Fischer, E., Gerlitz, L., Wehberg, J., Wichmann, V., and Boehner, J. source software

SOSI converter [Software/package C++]

SOSI-converterEspen Andersen software
SOSI-converter windows 64bit software
Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 package
SOSI-converter IOS software

other programs [Software/plug-ins]

cloud-compareDaniel Girardeau-Montaut software
PIX4D-MapperPIX4D through UiT > see lecture from Kåre
LASziprapidlasso GmbH software
LAStoolsrapidlasso GmbH software

drone apps

DJI-PilotDJI app
DronelinkDronelink needed